Grinrod Freight Services

“Thank you for always interpreting our needs correctly, confirming your interpretation in a detailed Document of Understanding and then sourcing and securing a top calibre candidates for us! Your consistency of service is highly appreciated!”
Shelley-Ann Taylor, Divisional Head – Human Resources Grindrod Freight Services. (September 2011)


“We came upon your service in 2000, when you were still part of Deloitte and ever since then your team has provided a dedicated and excellent service. Executive Partners has always been professional in all aspects of delivery and always ‘comes up’ with the goods’ ”
Rowan Beattie, Managing Director (November 2011).

Ethelbert Child & Youth Care Centre

“Thank you to Executive Partners for so willingly stepping up to the opportunity of conducting all the necessary background checks (qualification, credit and criminal checks) for the position of Director at Ethelbert Child & Youth Care Centre.  This you did so efficiently and we really appreciate yours and Jimmy Wayland’s decision to do this for us for free.  Having access to your expertise and prompt response times has resulted in the happy appointment of our new Director”

For over 100 years, Ethelbert Child & Youth Care Centre has provided a secure, caring and loving environment for under-privileged children.  We currently care for 65 children who have been removed from their parents due to severe abuse and neglect.  Some of our children have been orphaned because of HIV/Aids.

Kathryn Buchanan, Chairperson, Ethelbert Child & Youth Care Centre (21 December 2011)