Academic Partners’ Cost Calculator

Because no two recruitment assignments are the same, Academic Partners’ aim is to customise the process and the accompanying cost to each client’s needs, for example:

Comprehensive service / Classic Recruitment

Full service = exclusive and retained mandate for Academic Partners to access and assess candidates for the vacant position and to present (in person via PowerPoint presentation) the assessed shortlist to a panel or board. Fees are calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s agreed total cost to company package plus costs.

Refer to the Academic Partners Fee Structure and Terms & Conditions here.

Cost to company per annum

Total cost (estimated placement fee, excluding direct costs)R


Bespoke Recruitment


1. Advertising

We follow a tiered approach, starting with digital platforms and progressing to print media if necessary.

The client is responsible for all advertising costs.

a. Social Media Advertising
for 30 days. R2,300.
for 30 days. R2,300.
for 30 days. R2,300.
for 30 days. R2,300.

b. ResearchGate Job Posting
Estimated value dependent on exchange rate. +/-R5,000.

c. Print Media | Mail & Guardian / Sunday Times / Rapport and City Press

Placement and wording of all advertisements are subject to the prior approval of the client, payable within 30 (thirty) calendar days of invoice date. These are predetermined rates depending on size and colour options chosen. Note: Please contact Academic Partners for a print media quote.

2. Response Handling

Summarising and screening of responses into A-, B- and C-lists. Minimum package of R700 000, Minimum fee of R20 000 for cost to company packages of up to R2m, thereafter 1% of total package.

Minimum package of R700 000, Minimum fee of R20 000 or 1% of total package.

3. Background Checks

R1,500.00 per candidate. Matric confirmation an additional R200.00.

Background check. R1,500.00 per candidate.
Matric confirmation an additional R200.00.

4. ABAC* Assessment/Candidate interviewing

Short-listing of candidates through utilising the Activity-Based Assessment and Confirmation technique (ABAC*). (*ABAC is an assessment tool (IP of Academic Partners) requiring candidates to provide referenceable actual examples to demonstrate the pre-selected competencies.) The ABAC process includes 3 reference reports per candidate interviewed.

R9,500 per assessment.

5. Forensic investigations (“digging”)

Forensic investigations are charged at cost, which can vary depending on the depth of the investigations, ie:
In-depth forensic investigations conducted by former Deloitte Investigators.
(Please discuss with Academic Partners to determine extent of investigations required.)

  • First tier conducted only on shortlisted candidates
  • A second tier (more intense) being conducted prior to our client despatching an employment contract (offer) to a pre-selected candidate/s.

Note: Please discuss with Academic Partners at this stage.

Total cost (estimated placement fee, excluding direct costs)R