Terms and Conditions

Relevant to the Comprehensive Service/Classic Recruitment only

For Bespoke Recruitment assignments, a Terms of Agreement document will be drawn up, which will supersede the below Terms and Conditions.




1.1 Placement Fee

Fees are calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s agreed total cost to company. Total cost to company could include, but is not limited to:

1.1.1 Basic Salary
1.1.2 Annual Bonus
1.1.3 Car Allowance / Company Car
1.1.4 Company contributions to Medical Aid and Pension / Provident Fund
1.1.5 Any other quantifiable allowances


1.2 Direct Assignment Costs

Academic Partners will carry all local travel and other incidental costs up to short list stage. The Client is responsible for all advertising costs. The Client is also responsible for any travel and other incidental costs incurred after short list stage. Direct costs invoiced are payable on presentation of the invoice.


1.3 Retainer Fee

One-third of the estimated placement fee is payable in advance as a Retainer Fee and is payable on presentation of the invoice. The Retainer Fee is utilised to cover initial direct costs and is therefore non-refundable.


1.4 Contingent Fee

The Contingent Fee is calculable based on the actual package agreed. The quantum of this fee is reduced by the deduction of the retainer fee received. The balance becomes due in two tranches. Fifty percent (50%) for the client making an offer and successful candidate accepting that offer. Fifty percent (50%) when the candidate commences employment. Each tranche is due on presentation of the invoice.


1.5 Discretionary Fee

Academic Partners reserves the right to raise a further one third (of the full anticipated fee) if the Client decides to withdraw an assignment after or close to the production of a credible short list has been produced by Academic Partners. This discretionary fee will apply in instances where Academic Partners has completed at least 75% of the stipulated mandate.



Retained assignments are guaranteed for six months. Contingent assignments are guaranteed for three months. To validate the guarantee, all fees charged must be fully paid before due date. In the event that a placed candidate assessed by Academic Partners terminates employment with the Client within the guarantee period for reasons which should have been foreseen by Academic Partners, then Academic Partners will identify alternative candidates for the position at no additional cost to the Client other than any necessary advertising and travel costs incurred.



3.1 Appointment of any candidate for a position defined for an assignment during a period of Academic Partners’ exclusivity by the Client shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and the appropriate placement fee shall be payable, irrespective of whether the appointed candidate is internal or external and regardless of where the appointed candidate may have been sourced.

3.2 The appointment of any candidate introduced by Academic Partners within a period
of 12 months from the date of first introduction or any subsequent re-introductions shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and the appropriate placement fee shall be payable.

3.3 Fifty percent (50%) of any remaining placement fee falls due when the selected candidate accepts a client’s offer of employment in any capacity in the Client organisation and this amount is payable on presentation of an invoice. The other fifty percent (50%) becomes due when the successful candidate takes up his/her appointment and is payable on presentation of an invoice.

3.4 The payment of all fees and cost recoveries other than the placement fee are due on presentation of the invoice by Academic Partners and are payable on presentation of an invoice.

3.5 The definition of Client shall include any branches, subsidiary companies, associated companies or any person or company to whom the candidate was introduced as a direct or indirect result of action by Academic Partners and the Client shall be liable for the normal placement fee.

3.6 In the event of Academic Partners instructing attorneys to collect overdue amounts, or to take any action as a result of default, legal fees including collection charges, both as between attorney and yourself, shall be borne by the Client.

3.7 All documentation, resumes, personal records and references forwarded to the Client in the course of recruitment and selection shall be treated in the strictest confidence. Academic Partners shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of handling, misuse or loss of such documentation.

3.8 Due care will be exercised when screening and assessing candidates, however, final selection of candidates is the Client’s responsibility. Academic Partners does not accept responsibility or liability for any claim whatsoever arising out of consequent employment of the candidate selected by the Client.

3.9 Arrangements can be made for additional psychometric assessments at the specific request of the Client. These services are administered by professional practitioners and all fees incurred are directly for the Client’s account.

3.10 Any changes to Academic Partners’ fee structure or standard terms and conditions of business must be confirmed in writing to have any effect.

3.11 Academic Partners’ entire process is non-discriminatory. In the event that a legal suit is brought to bear against the Client or Academic Partners, Academic Partners cannot be held liable for the discriminatory actions on the bases of race, creed, religion, gender or age that the Client may have taken.

3.12 All candidates for the position whether introduced by Academic Partners, internal or external sources, must be assessed according to the same criteria to ensure the integrity of the selection process. Accordingly, all such candidates must be assessed by Academic Partners and the appropriate placement fees paid.