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The Brand and offering of Academic Partners came into existence more by default than by design. In 1996 and two years into Executive Talenting’s 8-year tenure with Deloitte, we assisted Deloitte Consulting in making key university appointments after they had completed rigorous interventions to restructure some troubled universities. Nine years down the track (2005) and three years after breaking from Deloitte, demand for top academics and university support management was so high that we decided to create the stand alone Brand of Academic Partners and specialise in this niche market. Today, having placed 8 Vice Chancellors, numerous Deputy Vice Chancellors, Deans, Heads of Department, Professors and Associate Professors, as well as partaking in major start-up initiatives (like the University of Botswana’s new School of Medicine – 29 placements from Founding Dean to Associate Professors and Clinicians), Academic Partners today serves most of South Africa’s 26 universities and 3 neighbouring cross-border universities. Through osmotic referrals, our client base is forever growing.

Placement fees are quoted on merit based on the degree of difficulty. All assignments are taken face-to-face, regardless of how well we know our client. We offer a 6 month guarantee on all placements. 33.33% of the full fee is taken as a retainer to launch an “Advertised” Assignment. Executive Partners advertises the position on the client’s behalf. Advertising costs are for the client’s account. Academic Partners is also the official resellers of ResearchGate in Southern Africa and through bulk buying offers outstanding discounts (better than going direct).

The ‘Advertised’ route is by far the most expedient and fairest way to elicit response from an open market. Advertising copy is created by our sister brand, Gear Advertising and written in such a way that it ensure both ‘passive readers’ and ‘quality job seekers’ apply. (Gear is the acronym for Grasp, Entice, Align and Response [stimuli]).

To protect both our brand and that of our client’s ALL APPLICANTS ARE CORRESPONDED WITH. Similarly, candidates found to be unsuitable after the ABAC assessment stage and/or behavioural profiling stage and/or ‘fitability’ interview and/or after background check results are to hand, are also corresponded with in writing, as soon as an appropriate decision has been reached.

Due to the fact that the University market in Southern Africa is so small and because around 50%, of this market, are our clients, Search assignments will only be accepted by special arrangement and under certain conditions.

For clients wanting to only use our response handling structures and/or our failsafe ABAC assessment and/or behavioural profiling and/or ‘fitability’ interviewing process and/or background checking capability, Academic Partners will quote to undertake a specific function/s as required and will work in close association with the client’s Human Resources team.