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A Message from Our CEO

As a proudly South African organisation, Executive ABAC Talenting is committed to promoting Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, holding a Level 1 B-BBEE status. With a track record of advertising awards and the facilitation of numerous Vice-Chancellor and academic appointments, alongside support staff placements, we have earned a reputation for excellence.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional recruitment. We are known for collaborating closely with councils, executive members, and human resources teams to identify and secure scarce and critical talent. Our boutique approach, characterized by flexibility and intentionality, ensures that we continually adapt to the evolving needs of the modern era.

Recognising the changing landscape, we have expanded our service offerings from three to five products, a move that has been warmly embraced by our commercial clients. While we typically request a 10-week exclusivity period per assignment, we have established longstanding exclusive partnerships with organizations spanning several years. Our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions to even the most challenging recruitment scenarios has cemented our reputation as a trusted and reliable partner.
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Accessing the ‘right’ talent is an art

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Award for Gear 2023 - Best Creative

Our Approach

Embedded in Executive ABAC Talenting’ approach is the learning they take from their ‘big-4’ roots(Deloitte). They have learned the true essence of not ‘working for’ but rather ‘partnering with’ a client, in much the same way as has evolved in many of the large professional global firms. The palpable difference between Executive Talenting ABAC and its competitors is it has significantly reduced the levels of reporting, making for quick solutions and agile delivery. Partnering focusses on client imperatives, especially as they apply to strategic development and enhancement, ensuring this is well-aligned to the client’s greater ‘vision’. Partnering imbues a spirit of proactiveness rather than reactiveness, within both parties.
Taking a Mandate:
Once every aspect of the mandate has been thoroughly ‘fleshed-out’ at a client orientation
meeting, a senior member of the Executive Partners’ team (the Key Accounts Manager
[Director]) will take the key aspects of the discussion and reduce them in writing to form a
specific and detailed Document of Understanding (DoU). Once amended to a point of finality, the DoU is ‘signed-off’ by both parties.
Sourcing Candidates:
  • Executive Search (Headhunting)
  • Advertised Selection
  • Digital Advertising (and using digital platforms to search for talent) ResearchGate
Accessing the ‘right’ talent is an art and one of the most important aspects of any attempt to attract, acquire and secure scarce and critical talent. Each mandate must be treated as unique and an approach requiring an extremely well-thought-through talent acquisition strategy must be developed jointly. On some occasions, it will dictate executive search (headhunting) only, while on other occasions it could require a subtle combination of both. It is in the client’s interest, as well as Executive/ Academic Partners’ interest, to optimise these efficacies. Executive/ Academic Partners has both the infrastructure and talent to apply either and/or both approaches.
Product Range

A better way to recruit

Accessing the ‘right’ talent is an art and one of the most important aspects of any attempt to attract, acquire and secure scarce and critical talent.


Classic A-Z Recruitment (accessing, assessing, pre-placement checks and postplacement support). Includes Executive Search (headhunting) and/or advertising (digital and/or print).


Flat-fee permanent appointments (applicable to a pre-arranged strategic a partnership involving more than 5 senior appointments).


Client direct-to-market digital and print advertising (via Gear – Assessing company ).


Provision of temporary ‘gatekeeper’ talent (interim management).


ResearchGate job postings (our organisation is the official Reseller of ResearchGate for Africa). Whilst this product serves to support positions affiliated with research, it has also served to identify talent from within the commercial sector. Commercial clients include Hewlett Packard (systems solutions, Nestle (dairy products), Rolls Royce (engines) and a host of pharmaceutical organisations like Merck, Selvita, Roche and similar.

Executive ABAC Talenting (Pty) Ltd

(trading as Executive Partners, Academic Partners and Gear)(EAT).

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